Welcome to our blog – something that is fairly new to us. I (Lucy) currently run our website and Instagram page. We are completely happy with the responses we are getting from them – especially the Instagram so I have had the itch to do a blog as well for a while!

So I am the one behind the camera and posts of our Instagram and I love photographing and talking about the things we do on a daily basis around the farm with our dogs and sheep. We have our own flock of pure Cheviot’s and plan to keep expanding. We seek the best sire tups for breeding to make sure our flock is strong with all the best attributes – pure white face, tight coat, black eyes, ears not too big, round body, straight legs, straight and blocky nose etc. We also farm these very close to the Cheviot Hills (where the breed originates from in the 1300’s).

We are not big-time farmers, just a couple with a large passion in Cheviot Sheep. And with the times changing, we rely on Social Media as a platform for selling, buying and communicating pretty much 60% of the time.

Around November/December, we have Lamb meat ready for sale as a full carcass, half carcass or any specific cuts if told in advance. We are fortunate to have a local abattoir who are very efficient and cut the meat up perfectly. We also make sure we label everything so you know exactly which cut you are trying. We stand by our morals of LOCAL and NON-commercial produce for the pure benefit of produce the highest of highest quality meat and stock.

We also work by the intentions of selling the best tups possible to other farmers all over the UK for the satisfaction of our own produce being used over the countries. It is a great feeling knowing that all your hard work of creating the best quality and best looked after stock and all the good attributes are getting implemented on someone else’s flock 100’s of miles away.

Anyways, we appreciate you taking the time to read and visit our blog and please do contact us if there are any comments, questions or queries.

Many thanks – James & Lucy xx